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Unisex USB Heating Hoodies

Unisex USB Heating Hoodies

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Our Unisex Warm Wave Heating Hoodies – the perfect blend of fashion and warmth.

These unique hoodies feature built-in heating elements that connect via USB, ensuring you stay cozy during chilly weather.

Key Features:

Heating Feature: Equipped with USB-powered heating elements, these hoodies offer comfort and warmth, ideal for colder temperatures.

Unisex Design: Fashioned for both men and women, these hoodies sport a loose, comfortable fit for style and ease.

Vintage Gothic Style: Embrace a unique vintage Gothic aesthetic, featuring distinctive patterns or themes for an edgy appeal.

Long Sleeve: Providing extra coverage, the long sleeves ensure added warmth for your arms.

Streetwear: Part of the streetwear fashion, these hoodies represent casual, urban-inspired style.

Battery Not Included: Note that batteries are not included and need to be purchased separately.

Asian Sizing: Please refer to the size chart, as the hoodies follow Asian sizing standards, typically smaller than European sizes.

Recommended Batteries: Opt for batteries with high USB Power Delivery for optimal heating – the higher the power, the warmer the hoodie.

These Unisex USB Heating Hoodies offer a fantastic fusion of style and practical warmth. Stay cozy and chic in cold weather with the unique USB heating feature. Remember to select the right size and compatible batteries for the desired heating effect."

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